Webinar: Understanding PK distribution by Quantitative Mass Spectrometry (QMSI) and LC-MS/MS

In traditional approaches to pharmacokinetic analysis of drug candidates using LC-MS/MS, the spatial information is not typically retained. With more targeted therapies to specific cells and tissues, understanding the drug exposure to the targets becomes a very important information in the first step of in vivo animal and human trials.

With the technology harnessed at ImaBiotech, it is possible to directly quantify the biodistribution of drugs and biomarkers at the earliest stages of in vivo testing. Using our innovative services, you can easily evaluate drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at the tissue level and quantify the biological target exposure at the site of action.  In this webinar, we will discuss how the combination of traditional LC-MS/MS and QMSI can support your drug development program. 


  • USA Time 10.30AM EST
  • Europe 4:30PM CET

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