Webinar: Discover how drug imaging can be combined with Whole Transcriptome Analysis for better drug development

ImaBiotech invites researchers to attend this Virtual Event on the integration of GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) in spatialomics (whole transcriptome cell analysis) and drug biodistribution for better drug efficacy evaluation.

ImaBiotech offers unique combination of bioanalytical services (GLP and non GLP) including imaging technologies, able to quantify the distribution of drugs, changes in gene expression, metabolites, lipids and proteins at single cell level. Spatial Biology combined with Digital pathology, Artificial Intelligence allow them to measure simultaneously the drug exposure to specifc cells as well as the molecular organization, the expression and interaction of system biology in cells and tissues.

This event will provide the chance to learn more about Spatial Biology and how drug and biomarker imaging accelerate drug developments.


  • Resolving the tissue heterogeneity with GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiler by Ana Ortalli Field Application Scientist at Nanostring Technologies, Inc.
  • Unraveling disease complexity with integrated spatial systems biology approach by Corinne Ramos, Director Of Innovation at ImaBiotech.
  • Case study on Whole Transcriptome Atlas by Christoph Koenig, Sr. Product Application Scientist at Nanostring Technologies, Inc.


  • USA Time 10 AM EST
  • Europe 4 PM CET
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