From Animal model selection

Thousands of animal models (fibrotic, tumors, neurodegenerative, etc. ) are available on the market and it has been key to success to understand/select animal models who imitates best human tissues. We offer services to characterize and select the greatest animal model for your future drug PK/PD assays. We measure RNA, Proteins, Metabolites and Lipids content of every cell type and compare the data to human biopsies in order to select the greatest animal model for different diseases.

  • Immuno-Oncology: tumor profiling of metabolism of the amino acids (IDO, IHD, CD73, CD39, etc) or protein expression (PD1, PD-L1, CTLA4, CD8, CD4, etc.) in the Tumor-Micro environment.
  • Fibrosis: Example of measure of collagen content, lipids of inflammation in your animal models
  • CNS: Neurotransmitters concentration per region of tissues, etc…

And Translational biomarker

What is the difference between tumor models and tumor human biopsies?

  • We compare molecular profiles between your tumor models and human tumor biopsies in order to validate the model selection
  • We identify new biomarkers in animal models and human biopsies (cf biomarker discovery programs) to find biomarkers of efficacy or new therapeutic targets.

To Patient Stratification

Cancer is a very complex tissue with different phenotypes, a wide range of tissue organization and biomarkers expression. With the increase of discovery in immune escape processes or immune cell infiltration, it becomes crucial to understand the molecular profiles and tissue organization for every patient to measure the drug efficacy and mechanism of action.

We compare tumor biopsies and stratify the patients based on their biomarkers (proteins, lipids, metabolites or genes) and tissue organization (cell density, biomarker morphology) using digital pathology and molecular imaging techniques (cf data science and molecular imaging)


Application NoteBiodistribution, Drug Metabolism and Biomarkers Hunting in Drug Discovery: What can mass spectrometry imaging provide?

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