Are you sure your drug has reached the target?

  • Following Rapid PK Screeening which gives an overview of drug distribution and quantification in whole animal, ImaBiotech improves the evaluation of drug exposure in specific organs. With a combination of unique label free Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging technology and Histology techniques, we localize and quantify the concentration of active compounds at cellular level.With MALDI Imaging or LA-ICP MS imaging, we detect elements, small molecules or peptides and quantify them. organs structure for predictive efficacy & adverse effects.With our unique Software Multimaging , we deliver the most accurate answers :
    – Finally we can score the percentage of drug reaching the targets, for the most accurate drug exposure
    – We overlay Targets (cells, receptor, protein, ligand) and drug/metabolites simultaneously with the most accurate tool that overlay High definition histology images with no Data reduction (from 10X to 60X) without lost information
    – We obtain absolute quantification of drugs and metabolites at a cellular level
Imaging Mass spectrometry

Are you sure your drug has reached the target?

  • ImaBiotech delivered more than 300 projects in Bioavailability or Biodistribution using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging.With this experience, Imabiotech can deliver the success rate of your project during the study design (Contact us to know more about our models of study design.)Our experience covers multiple therapeutic areas (CNS, Immuno-oncology and Oncology, Dermatology, etc.) from Top pharmaceutical to Biotech companies where we adapt expectations and costs.Our past studies also demonstrated the need of a range of high end imaging platform of histology and high resolution Mass Spectrometers to clearly differentiate drugs and related metabolites biodistribution at the cellular level.
Imaging Mass spectrometry

Target Exposure

Application NotesPublicationsPress releases  
Advanced quantification of drugs and exposure to cellsTarget Exposure and Pharmacodynamics Study of the Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase-1 (IDO-1) Inhibitor Epacadostat in the CT26 Mouse Tumor ModelPR: OCR and ImaBiotech initiate a strategic partnership to provide in situ drug efficacy and target exposure services in Pets with naturally occurring tumors
Press Release: New granted patents to score drug exposure on cells and tissues.

Technical Information

Tissue Samples

Applied Technologies

  • QMSI
  • LCMS
  • Microscopy staining (H&E,..)
  • Immuno-Staining (Fluorescence microscopy)


  • Drug localization & quantification in tissues
  • Metabolites localization & quantification in tissues
  • Drug quantification in plasma
  • LCMS validation

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