MSI awards 2019

October 28-31 | Saint Malo, France

MSI Award

ImaBiotech launches today, for the sixth consecutive year, its MSI Award.

The president of the jury will be Dr Pineau, Research Director at Inserm (France).
He shall be accompanied by Dr Theodore Alexandrov, team leader at EMBL (Germany) and Dr. Tiffany Porta Assistant Professor (Tenured) at Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging (M4I) institute (The Netherlands).

This competition is made for you if you are a student, a PhD candidate, a Post-Doc or a scientist with brilliant ideas or works using MSI in:
–Innovative applications and workflow (proteomics, metabolomics)
–Innovative protocols and uses (data interpretation)
–Innovative improvements (instruments).

This contest is a real opportunity to get your dream off the ground.

Applications should consist of a published or unpublished manuscript (thesis, scientific paper, internal lab experiences) from the past two years in the domain of MSI (SIMS, MALDI, DESI, LEASI and other innovative surface techniques and softwares). Submit one page description with the benefits and innovation of your works, with a CV and 2 recommendation letters.

Award: Plaque and a monetary award of $5,000.

This award will be presented at the annual meeting Ourcon 2018.

No age limit

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: September 27, 2019

All related inquiries can be sent to

Submissions: Please submit your application directly to

About ImaBiotech
ImaBiotech supports pharmaceutical industry with innovative Imaging services that predict more accurately which treatment will work in stratified population.
ImaBiotech is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with two facilities one in Boston (MA) and one in France. The company offers innovative services to the pharmaceutical research to provide better drug efficacy and toxicity evaluations from preclinical to clinical stages, making better and safer drugs.
Services are based on different imaging techniques combined to Quantitative Mass Spectrometry a technology developed and constantly improved by ImaBiotech. Quantitative Mass Spectrometry (QMSI) has been developed for decades and allows to detect elements and molecules without labelling. ImaBiotech has developed the quantitative aspects through many patents making ImaBiotech the worldwide leader in this field. QMSI is a game changer of the pharmaceutical industry in all therapeutic areas. While actual techniques provide global information, this molecular technique brings deeper information about drug localization and its pharmacology effects to recover disease tissues and damaged cells. This increases the interpretation of drug efficacy and toxicity improving drugs and improving time to market. To interpret datas we’ve developed, thanks to our patents, two softwares called Quantinetix and Multimaging to interpret pharmacology in tissue.
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