Gene Expression at cellular level

From a tissue section, regions of interest (such as stroma, necrotic tissue, inflammations, cancer cells) are selected and micro dissected using LMD Leica system (learn more). Each pooled cells or regions are diluted in solution in order to extract RNA. Using Nanostring Ncounter technology or Illumina RNA sequencing tools, we amplify and quantify the expression of genes in particular regions. 

Combination of Gene Expression with Drug distribution and Histology:
The combination of spatially resolved gene expression with other imaging capabilities such MSI or Histology allows to correlate drug concentration with Gene Expression changes at a cellular level. It also allows to measure the relevance of gene expression and protein levels within tissues.


  • Correlation of Drug exposure to cell and impact to gene expression
  • Drug Toxicity
  • Gene expression of specific cells
  • Biomarker discovery in specific cells
  • Correlation gene expression and protein levels


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