The Transcriptome at cellular level

Our Different Techniques

GeoMx® WTA technology offers a unique solution to map the  Whole Transcriptome Atlas at cellular from FFPE or Frozen tissues.

With full coverage of protein coding genes, WTA services delivers spatial analysis of any target in any tissue in the biological region that matter most. This technology delivers the maximum amount of sensitivity and can be customized with up to 60 additional targets to assay non-coding RNA, synthetic DNA or exogenous genes.

GeoMx WTA comes along with Illumina library prep protocols and streamlined NGS analysis pipelines that allows to explore pathways across the whole transcriptome in user defined regions of interest and measure the impact of a drug or a disease at the cellular level.

Integrated in ImaLink platform, WTA and ImaBiotech Capabilities provides unique tools to measure, quantify DNA, ARN, Virus and Drug distribution simultaneously to better understand disease and drug efficacy.

LMD coupled to Ncounter for rapid targeted RNA targets

From a tissue section, regions of interest (such as stroma, necrotic tissue, inflammations, cancer cells) are selected and micro dissected using LMD Leica system (learn more). Each pooled cells or regions are diluted in solution in order to extract RNA. Using Nanostring Ncounter technology or Illumina RNA sequencing tools, we amplify and quantify the expression of genes in particular regions. 


  • Spatial Disease Analysis through gene expression of specific cells
  • Correlation of Drug exposure to cell and impact to gene expression
  • Biomarker discovery/validation in specific cells
  • Correlation gene expression and protein levels in tissues


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BrochureGeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas

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