Mass spectrometry Imaging skin

Multimaging™ Applied to Skin Distribution Study: Applications in Dermatology for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics from Discovery to Clinical

Multimaging Skin


In pharmacology, drugs can be applied to skin for two purposes: 1) to directly treat disorders of the skin 2) to deliver drugs to other tissues (i.e transdermal application). Cosmetics (care substances) can also be applied to skin; however, they are typically used to enhance the appearance of the human skin. Care substances are generally mixtures of chemical compounds; with some being derived from natural sources and many being synthetics. Knowledge of dierent forms and physicochemical properties of compounds, as well as understanding the nature of the skin, are important as all these parameters can aect percu-taneous compound absorption (shunt diusion, permea-tion or penetration). Understanding the biological principles and metabolism is essential for their eective and safe use. In addition, understanding the proper molecular formulation will not only improve the eicacy of these compounds, but it will also save money.



Today, Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI), combined with classical histological techniques, is an essential multimodal approach in dermatology and cosmetics development. Indeed the Multimaging™ platform allows for the study of compound distribution and quantification in histological structures of a tissue section. It is thus possible to determine the penetration pathway, the compound concentration in each histological region and the target engagement directly within the tissue without any labeling (radioactivity or fluorescence).



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