PR: Servier and ImaBiotech collaboration for the implementation of a MALDI Imaging Platform using Quantinetix™ Software

Lille, France – July 10th, 2013 – French pharmaceutical company Servier collaborates with ImaBiotech on mass spectrometric derived Imaging technologies in the ADME field.

ImaBiotech, a leading service provider for MALDI imaging has tackled quantification challenges via the development of specially adapted quantification methods and dedicated software, Quantinetix™. Quantitative MALDI imaging technology has the capability to study quantitatively the distribution of drug and metabolites without the need for any labeling. This technology accelerates drug pharmacokinetics and toxicity studies, resulting in a better and faster drug selection for clinical phase. After months of collaboration, Servier acquired ImaBiotech’s Technology of Quantitative
MALDI imaging, using Quantinetix Software.

Servier has recently acquired and implemented a quantitative MALDI imaging platform. ImaBiotech has provided guidance about the installation process and the analytical workflow, from sample preparation to quantification.

Dr Mathieu GAUDIN, Team Leader at Servier, says: “ImaBiotech successfully provided us with quantitative MALDI imaging services for drug distribution studies. Using their Quantinetix™ software, we are now able to analyze data from our MALDI imaging and LESA profiling platforms with absolute quantification.”

Dr Jonathan Stauber, CEO of ImaBiotech adds, ”We are very pleased with the collaboration with Servier. This efficient support further confirms the expertise of ImaBiotech in the ADME field and validates the benefits of the Quantinetix technology.”MALDI Imaging Platform Servier


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