What is the cause of lesion, inflammation or deposits?

In toxicity studies, lesions or atypical findings can be observed and one need to identify the cause. Recent techniques such as MSI (read More about MSI) allows to identify the content of the lesion’s region or deposits. We offer services to detect and quantify small amount of drugs or metabolites in these regions of interest.


  • We help you to prepare the questions from the FDA and EMA to show all possible cause of efficacy at MTD (Maximum Tolerated Dose) or any concentration of your design

How do we proceed?

  • We work directly with major CROs (Contract Research Organization) and we optimized the sample protocol to fit pathologists requests.
  • We optimized staining condition to obtain perfect H&E staining and Mass Spectrometry Imaging compatible.
  • We can use either MSI or Laser Microdissection coupled to Mass Spectrometry to detect or quantify depending on the design/sensitivity/molecular weights.
  • We can use either FFPE (Formalin Fixed and Paraffin Embedded) or Frozen tissues. It important to understand that small molecules delocalize during the fixation process and frozen is usually preferred.

Next Level Safety measurement

    • Discover new program that combine drug imaging, protein and gene expression in order to measure the consequence of the drug to cellular functions. (Learn more about Spatialomics)


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