Quantitative Mass Spectrometry has been developed for decades and allows to detect elements and molecules without labelling. ImaBiotech developed the quantitative aspects through many patents making ImaBiotech the worldwide leader in this field. QMSI changes the rules of the game of the pharmaceutical industry in all the therapeutic areas. The QMSI is translational and help to investigate where the drug and biomarkers are localized and support PK/PD relationship in preclinical and clinical stages.

Quantitative Mass spectrometry imaging

What is it ?

The Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging (QMSI) is a technique adapted to :

  • Detection “target molecules (drugs, metabolites, lipids, endogenous metabolites, peptides and proteins) or elements (Zinc, Copper, Gold, Calcium, Iron, Gadolinium, etc.)”
  • Localization “visualize molecules from 1µm spatial resolution with our new instruments”
  • Quantification “Quantify detected molecules with accuracy and precision”

What are the advantages of Mass Spectrometry Imaging ?


Simultaneous localization and quantification of thousands of compounds


Accurate and precise methods have been proprietary of ImaBiotech under patents and know-how


From minutes to a few hours according to image size and resolution

Standardized & reproducible

Methods and technologies have been developed by ImaBiotech’s team to guarantee quality of the studies

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