Bruker and ImaBiotech Signed a Software Distribution Agreement to Promote and Distribute Quantinetix™ Software for Quantitative MALDI Imaging

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota–June 10th, 2013–MALDI imaging is a technique that allows the direct detection of drugs and metabolites in tissue. There is currently an increasing adoption of MALDI imaging in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development.

The absolute quantification of MALDI imaging data is challenging due to the complex matrix (intact tissue) and associated ion suppression. ImaBiotech, a leading service provider for MALDI imaging has tackled these challenges by the development of specially suited quantification methods and dedicated software, Quantinetix™.

Bruker, a leading provider of MALDI imaging instruments and ImaBiotech today announce a collaboration for the distribution of Quantinetix™ software.

Dr. Sören-Oliver Deininger, market manager for MALDI imaging at Bruker, says: “ImaBiotech successfully provides MALDI imaging services using Bruker mass spectrometers. With their Quantinetix™ software, they have made MALDI imaging a quantitative technique. With this collaboration, we are now able to provide our customers with Quantinetix and complete our MALDI molecular imager solution with true quantification”

Dr. Jonathan Stauber, CEO of ImaBiotech adds, ”We are pleased to be business partners with Bruker. ImaBiotech’s know-how and efficiency in imaging complement Bruker Daltonics’ renowned expertise in mass spectrometry. With this worldwide sale agreement, we will offer unparalleled technology to the molecular research community in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.”

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