What is Quantinetix™?

Quantinetix in an intuitive software that allows to normalize and quantify your compounds of interests obtained by Mass Spectrometry Imaging.

Immuno-stained image

Quantinetix is compatible with data coming from various manufacturers (Bruker, Sciex, Thermo, Waters & iMZML).

Quantinetix normalizes data to allow the quantification by various ways:

  • Range of dilution on the tissue (Nilsson and al, PLoS One, 2010)
  • Range using a normalization by an isotopic marked molecule (Stoeckli and al, Int. J Mass Spectromy, 2007)
  • Calculation of suppression effects on tissue (Hamm and al, ImaBiotech, Newspaper of Proteome Research, on 2012)

These approaches allow to obtain “real images” of distribution.

Quantinetix allows the quantification of targeted molecules throughout 25 organs in the whole animal or in targeted organs,  such as the eye or the brain.
Quantinetix is specially developed to quantify and normalize images by MS for various applications:

  • DMPK
  • Toxicity
  • In support of QWBA (Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography)
  • Proteomics and lipidomics
Immuno-stained image


Dr. Mathieu Gaudin, formely Team Leader at Servier:
« ImaBiotech successfully provided us with Quantitative MALDI imaging services for drug distribution studies. Using their software, we are now able to analyze data from our MALDI imaging and LESA profiling platforms with absolute quantification »

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