ImaBiotech Corp. hires Erin Seeley as a Principal Scientist

Dr. Erin Seeley received her Bachelor of Science degree from The Pennsylvania State University where she was first introduced to MALDI mass spectrometry performing undergraduate research under the direction of Professor A. Daniel Jones.  During this time, she was awarded a Teas Scholarship and the 2000 Pittsburgh Society of Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh College Chemistry Award.  She received her PhD from Purdue University under the direction of Distinguished Professor Fred Regnier where her thesis focused affinity chromatographic selection and quantitative mass spectrometry analysis of phosphopetides and their role in diseases.  At Purdue, she was a Brown-Wetherill Scholar and the recipient of the 2004 M.G. Mellon Award for Analytical Chemistry.

In 2005, Erin began a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Vanderbilt University in the newly founded Tissue Imaging and Profiling Core directed by Distinguished Professor Richard Caprioli.  After one year, she was promoted to a Research Faculty position as Associate Director of the Tissue Imaging and Profiling Core, a position that she held for almost 8 years.  During her time at Vanderbilt, she worked with many internal and external collaborators on mass spectrometry imaging projects, with a particular focus on clinical applications.  This work has resulted in nearly 40 peer reviewed publications and numerous scientific posters and presentations.  Erin was also instrumental in helping to establish Vanderbilt as the first NIH funded National Research Resource Center for Mass Spectrometry Imaging.

In 2014, Erin moved to Protea Biosciences where she established the MALDI imaging program and managed the MALDI imaging service work, both in small molecule quantitation and in clinical applications.

Erin helped to co-found New River Labs in 2018 and served as its Chief Technology Officer.  In this role, she helped to develop mass spectrometry imaging based diagnostic and prognostic assays.  Additionally, she was involved in many outreach opportunities including giving seminars and attending medical conferences.

As Principal Scientist, Erin will be supporting scientific operations at the ImaBiotech US facility.  She will be helping to design and execute projects and interact with customers.  She brings considerable knowledge and expertise in many aspects of mass spectrometry imaging.

“Her great communication, experience and team spirit will help ImaBiotech’s Corp expansion”, says Jonathan Stauber, Founder of ImaBiotech’s Group.

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