PR: ImaBiotech has awarded the MSI Award to Bram Heijs, Ph.D Candidate.

The award ceremony was held at the Award Ceremony at the Ourcon Congress, Thursday, September 28 in Doorn, The Netherlands in presence of all the Ourcon team.

The panel of judges was composed of three distinguished individuals within the MSI’s community:
– Sheerin Shahidi- Latham, Head of Metabolomics & Imaging MS, Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics at Genentech (USA)
– Per Andrén, Professor at Uppsala University (Sweden)
– Michael Becker, Lab Supervisor MS Imaging, Department DMPK, at Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany)

ImaBiotech and the review committee would like to thank all of the participants for their entries and hard work.

ImaBiotech has developed this award four years ago in order to promote innovation in the field of Mass Spectrometry Imaging. The MSI award recipient is awarded $5,000 for the best innovative project using MS imaging techniques (development and applications with every MS Imaging modalities such as SIMS, DESI, LAESI, and MALDI).

About Bram Heijs, MSI Award winner:
Bram Heijs, is a 30 year old PhD candidate at Leiden University Medical Center. This progressive metal guitar player has a great passion for science. He has done his bachelor at Delft University of Technology and his master at the Leiden University. He discovered Mass Spectrometry during a proteomics course and fell in love with the subject during a lecture given by Per Andrén during this course. He managed to get an internship at Per’s laboratory in Sweden, where during seven months he developed methods for mass spectrometry-based peptidomic investigation of cerebrospinal fluid from patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. A subject very important for him since his grandmother had passed away after suffering from Parkinson’s disease. After this internship he was integrated in Liam McDonnell’s Mass Spectrometry Imaging laboratory at the Leiden University Medical Center where he is currently preparing a thesis about improving methods for on-tissue digestion MALDI mass spectrometry imaging and application of optimized methods to characterize and differentiate various types of clinical samples.
After several publications he’s now being considered as the new group leader of the Mass Spectrometry Imaging lab at the Leiden University Medical Center: a challenging goal!
“It’s a great honor for me to receive this award from such distinguished scientists within the MSI community. I would like to thank the whole team that was involved in this work, without them this achievement would not have been possible!” commented Bram Heijs.

About ImaBiotech:
ImaBiotech is a contract research organization (CRO) that offers services in mass spectrometry imaging (MSI); along with developing and implementing new imaging technologies, such as Quantinetix™ and Multimaging™. The main facility is located in Europe (Lille,France), with a second brand new laboratory in North America (Billerica, MA) and a distributor in Asia (Tokyo, Japan). In order to accelerate drug development, ImaBiotech offers Mass Spectrometry Services, such as MALDI high resolution mass spectrometry imaging to provide a cost effective solution to preclinical and clinical studies. This molecular technique is used both qualitatively and quantitatively for understanding the efficacy and toxicity of drug candidates.


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