Press Release: New granted patents to select, archive and manipulate imaging datasets.

ImaBiotech is pleased to announce the grant of two new patents in the USA US20160335473 and France FR3016461B1 for Molecular Imaging Markets. The two new patents are new complementary patent that reinforces 47 applied patents developed by the R&D Imaging department of ImaBiotech since 2010.

The technology developed by Fabien Pamelard, IT leader and its team at ImaBiotech, offers the possibility to select, store, manipulate and analyze spectral information with an extreme accuracy and speed with no size limitation. It offers new capacities compatible to other applications developed by ImaBiotech such as computational vision, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Biomarker Discovery, Drug distribution and quantification and precision medicines.

According to Jonathan Stauber, CEO ImaBiotech, the technology has a tremendous number of applications. “We think this technology will be a standard as it simply offers the best platform to interpret molecular images. The technology finds its applications in the research, the diagnosis and the pharmaceutical markets”.

After four years of development the technology is available under the Multimaging platform that allows to support ImaBiotech service activities in the pharmaceutical industry and life science industries. For more information, we invite you to visit the ImaBiotech website at

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