Press release: Galderma and ImaBiotech develop a long-term alliance to access Multimaging™ services

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Galderma and ImaBiotech develop a long-term alliance to access Multimaging™ services

Lille, France and Sophia Antipolis, France – November 10th, 2015 – Galderma a leading pharmaceutical company in Dermatology has chosen ImaBiotech to support their drug development with innovative Multimaging™ services.

Galderma has chosen ImaBiotech’s Multimaging™ services to combine and accelerate its drug pharmacokinetic, pharmacology, toxicology and formulation phases. Multimaging™ is a combination of imaging techniques (Quantitative MALDI imaging, staining, immune-staining) associated with
dedicated software. This platform has the capability to jointly study quantitatively the distribution of analytes at a cellular level. It can be used during drug discovery and development, resulting in a better and faster drug selection for clinical phase.

Galderma is interested in the capabilities of ImaBiotech’s MALDI imaging platform and would benefit from the Multimaging™ services to support their drug investigations. ImaBiotech will provide analysis of Galderma samples to investigate drug, metabolites and biomarker distribution quickly and efficiently.

Dr Laurent Hennequin, Director of Research and Dr Philippe Andres, Director of Global Evaluation, Galderma R&D “We consider ImaBiotech as a key partner to help us to visualise our compounds in skin through imaging. Knowing the challenge which is the quantification and the localization of analytes, including biomarkers, in skin, we consider that ImaBiotech
technologies can lead us quicker to better and safer products.”
Dr Jonathan Stauber, CEO of ImaBiotech adds ”We are more than proud to become a partner of Galderma, world-known as a major pharmaceutical company. This new partnership is a proof that our company and its Multimaging™ technology have become key players in the Molecular imaging field in less than a year.”

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