How much drug for which efficacy ?

While PK and target exposure show great information of potential activities, it is not complete to investigate the drug efficacy. With in situ PK/PD, ImaBiotech delivers the most complete study design using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging. The objective of the in situ PK/PD tests is to score pharmacology effects with the co-localization of drug and biomarker (Inflammation, Apoptosis, Oxidative stress, and customized biomarker of efficacy) between control versus dosed tissues at different time points. This unique approach combining QMSI with histology approaches allows to evaluate the in vivo drug impact to the cells. This approach is translational and allows to compare animal models to human biopsies

Imaging Mass spectrometry


Imaging Mass spectrometry

We are able to show drug accumulation in non-targeted and targeted samples (target exposure) in preclinical and clinical studies. We correlate kinetic drug localization with biomarker activation or inhibition to demonstrate MoA (Mechanism of Action) as well as Tissue to plasma ratio (Bioavailability).


  • More than scoring drug exposure, ImaBiotech developed technology to score efficacy or toxicity of drugs with correlation scoring between localization of drugs and biomarker changes. The technology have been applied in Acne treatment (sebaceous glands) or Immuno-oncology to inhibit immune suppression PK/PD Studies at cellular level with Multimaging leverage your interpretation of the microenvironment. Our experience covers multiple therapeutic areas (CNS , Oncology and Immuno-oncology, Cardiovascular, Dermatology, etc.…) from Top pharmaceutical to Biotech companies where we adapt expectations and cost structures.
Imaging Mass spectrometry


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