PR: ImaBiotech’s first worldwide patent has been granted for its quantification innovation in MSI

Lille, France – 29th March, 2016 – First worldwide patent has been granted covering ImaBiotech’s research and services platform in the field of Mass spectrometry Imaging (MSI)

ImaBiotech, a CRO company developing and offering new imaging technologies, applications and  software, announces today that the company has been granted a patent in USA, France, Australia and China for its lead innovation on quantitative MS Imaging (QMSI) and the development of the associated software, Multimaging.

Specifically, the QMSI patent covers the working method, the strategy, the method of validation, the application, and the use of quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging including MALDI Imaging.

“This is a positive recognition of our hard work”, said Jonathan Stauber, Chief Executive Officer of ImaBiotech. “The progress and recognition of our QMSI and MALDI Imaging services are now supporting ImaBiotech’s growth and development of our US operations and facility. This patent coverage is critical for our going efforts”

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