About Raphael Legouffe

Raphael Legouffe has always been an applied scientist. In parallel with his school career in biology Raphael has done different internships in particular with Dr. Michel Salzet in mass spectrometry. After a Master in Cellular Biology, Biotechnology and Proteomics he has joined, in 2010, Jonathan Stauber as his intern, together they’ve developed the cutting method, and then he became a study engineer. Since 2017, Raphael Legouffe is a Study Director in our company, thanks to his technical background but also due to his  participation to more than 100’s projects he really became successful in histology. He loves the idea of growing up with the company and he really thinks that ImaBiotech can really be a springboard for young scientists.

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I will do my utmost to satisfy you. My motto is: team spirit is a key to success!

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