What can be achieved?

Quantification of drug and metabolites in specific regions from the anterior to posterior chambers of the eye

Research and identification of unknow metabolites

Untargeted differenial analysis in eyes to discover potential biomarkers

Target engagement assessment at cellular level without labelling

What are our advantages?

Quantify drug and metabolites in different layers of the eye

Molecular immune-histology

Ability to overlay both molecular and spatial information

Efficacy and safety biomarkers monitoring

High Resolution Mass Spectrometers (RR>200,000)

Where can we work?

  • Cornea
  • Iris
  • Iridocorneal angle
  • Sclera, choroid, retina
  • Vitreous & Aqueous humor
  • Optic Nerve


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PublicationsIn Vitro and in Vivo Experimental Studies on Trabecular
PublicationsMALDI Imaging of Small Histological Tissue Applied to Ophthalmology


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