oncology Mass spectrometry Imaging
oncology Mass spectrometry Imaging MSI

Does your drug reach the tumor cells?

In heterogeneous tumor micro-environment, the different levels of vascularization, cellular densities,  the investigation of the drug penetration in the tumor tissue as well as the exposure of drugs to tumors cells are key parameters for the evaluation of a cancer treatment. From Drug discovery to clinical stage,  These data will help to anticipate failure, to measure the potential of drug efficacy and optimize the dosing for future clinical trials.  We are able to quantify and localize drugs and biomarkers in the targeted cells (tumor cells, immune cells) with the combination of different innovative technologies (spatial bioanalysis, molecular imaging, Multimaging™ software, spatially resolved gene expression, high multiplexing histology). These unique innovations help you to define the potential applications of your treatment to different tumors types and cancers and reduce the risk of failure.

Moreover, we can measure the impact of the drug to tumor cells and companion biomarkers to finally quantify the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at the site of action of the drugs for a precise measure of drug efficacy. This platform has been integrated into innovative in-tissue PK/PD study and Digital Pathology Services to offer a better predictive tool. 

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What we deliver?

We deliver in a single experiment tissue distribution of drug, metabolites, targets and biomarkers of efficacy for a quick and precise drug efficacy and safety evaluation.

How do we reveal information in complex tissues?

ImaBiotech has developed an innovative platform including Mass Spectrometry Imaging, histology platform, laser capture micro-dissection, mass spectrometry, a dedicated software and a list of biomarkers to quantifiy drug and biomarker down to the micro-environment of the tumor. The platform is a combination of :

Imaging Mass spectrometry

Our Experiences?

Since ImaBiotech have been founded, we have measured and quantified around 200 drug distribution in tumors. In 90% of the case, the concentration of the drug, the penetration and the rate of exposure to tumor cells shown interesting features and the necessity to adapt the concentration and optimize conditions (formulations). We have experienced in large number of models (Orthotopic models and Xenograft tissues) in many applications (Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer, Brain Cancer, Prostate Cancer) from large to very small tissues (Core needle Biopsy) that allows ImaBiotech to perform preclinical, translational and clinical studies.

Human tumor biopsy


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We also provide more classical studies under GLP or Non-GLP environment

PK & PD studies

We propose PK and PD studies to support early to late stages drug discovery process (animals: rabbit, dog, swine or other species upon customer request).

  • Drug Disposition/Pharmacokinetics (ADME)
  • DMPK
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Topical Absorption Studies (FFPE, 3D models, fresh frozen tissue)


We allow you to complete toxicological studies and propose several species such as dogs and rabbits and other non-rodent species.

  • Acute Toxicity
  • Subacute Toxicity (Repeated Dose)
  • Sub-chronic Exposure
  • Chronic Exposure


We propose pathological models and naturally diseased animals for research (rabbit, dog …)

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