PR: OCR and ImaBiotech initiate a strategic partnership to provide in situ drug efficacy and target exposure services in Pets with naturally occurring tumors

Lille, 17th January 2019

OCR and ImaBiotech have announced the launch of a new preclinical service for Biotech-Pharma-MedTech companies that allows drug efficacy and target exposure services at cellular level using Pets with naturally occurring tumors. This new innovative service consists of a joint effort between OCR, which has a developed a unique mastery in recruiting dog and cat patients suffering from spontaneous tumors across Europe, and ImaBiotech, a world recognized expert in the measurement of drug efficacy and toxicity across all stages of drug development; from candidate selection, across preclinical studies, and through clinical trials. This ambitious translational strategic partnership has the double objective of confirming drug localization and pharmacological effects based on bioanalytical imaging platforms to a new pre-human living organism – dog with cancer – which has not yet been done at the industrial level, and providing Biotech-Pharma-MedTech access to highly predictive data for human cancer through a so-called “comparative oncology” approach.

The cooperative research services will combine complementary quantitative mass spectrometry imaging, veterinary, biology, and pharmacology expertise in order to advance late preclinical stage drug candidates for the treatment of human cancer.

Dr. David Bonnel, Executive Director at ImaBiotech (France), commented, “We are convinced of the remarkable similarities between the emergence, development, treatment options, and more importantly, responses to therapies for tumours that occur in humans and pets. Combined with our scientific platforms, treated pets with naturally occurring tumors will allow to fast-track innovative human treatments in Oncology and Immuno-Oncology in addition to our current early preclinical and clinical offers.”

Dr. Dominique Tierny, CEO of OCR, is committed to promoting the duality of human and ethical pet oncology research, “OCR is proud to increase its research capability and to convince a key influencer in quantitative mass spectrometry imaging as ImaBiotech working within the comparative oncology space. We continue to be at the forefront of human and veterinary interdisciplinary cooperation in our battle against cancer and hope that this project will further highlight the unimagined benefits of combining the two.”

This project will reinforce OCR’s research capabilities in the area of comparative medicine and will address the unmet pharmacological assessment needs from Biotech-Pharma-MedTech, widening its “pre-human” offering that aims to derisk and foster the human drug development process in oncology.

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