Next Level Measurements of Drug Efficacy

Tuesday 23rd of June

11.00 am EDT
5.00 pm CEST
8.00 am PDT

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Previous limitations in bioanalysis meant drug development had to move blindly from plasma and crude tissue homogenate sampling with no information of drug exposure and efficacy at the cellular level. With the innovations at ImaBiotech, it is now possible to directly quantify the biodistribution of drugs and biomarkers at the earliest stages of in vivo testing without the need for radio-labelling, or in clinical biopsies to determine exploratory endpoints. This breakthrough accelerates drug development exponentially and drastically reduces the attrition rate by characterizing lead candidates earlier and with greater confidence.

Using our innovative services, pharmaceutical researchers can quickly understand drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics at the tissue level and, when coupled with conventional immunostaining preparations, are able to quantify biological target exposure at the site of action. For total characterization of the tissue microenvironment, several complementary imaging platforms can be combined for comprehensive tissue analyses including quantitative transcriptomics and cellular phenotyping with imaging mass cytometry.

Any type of tissue sample and can be analyzed for investigations across all therapeutic fields and in this Webinar we will discuss how these molecular imaging platforms can support your drug development by showing examples from our collaborations within the Pharma and biotech sector.

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