Newsletter September 2021

We propose a condensate of ImaBiotech Group’s updates, activities and publications on a quarterly manner. We are proud to be an active global bioanalytical CRO, providing a unique set of services spanning the drug development cycle, from early-stage discovery through Phase IV.

In this quarterly release, we are happy to share the news about ImaBiotech’s collaboration and co-marketing agreement with Fluidigm Corporation for service offerings for High Multiplex IHC services and product development from Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™). We will also be participating in the IMC Summit that is to be held on October 21st 2021.

In July, ImaBiotech released two White Papers where one of them illustrated the use of Imaging Mass Spectrometry and GeoMx® DSP platforms, elucidating intra-tumoral metabolic plasticity effect of colorectal cancer tumors on immunotherapies dynamics. The other White Paper highlights the use for our proprietary image analysis platform to identify sequential pathogenic events in Type 1 Diabetes. An Application Note was also released that highlights the use of ImaLink digital pathology analysis platform to unravel cell interplays during complex biological events.

In this edition, we have also shared a publication where ImaBiotech demonstrated the use of MALDI-MSI to discriminate phenotypes involved in stromal corneal dystrophies. You will also discover ImaBiotech’s services for gene therapy for oligonucleotide therapeutics and data analysis of multiplex IMC. You will be able to access all the white papers, publication and application note on our website’s dedicated Resources section.

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