Newsletter July 2021

We propose a condensate of ImaBiotech’s updates, activities and publications on a quarterly manner. We are proud to be an active Contract Research Organization, providing a unique set of services spanning the drug development cycle, from early-stage discovery through Phase IV.

In this edition, we share exciting news about ImaBiotech’s expansion with the acquisition of Pyxant Labs Inc. Colorado Springs and Labcorp’s Covance Salt Lake City site. ImaBiotech released an Application Note and White Paper where it has highlighted the use of an image based multiomics integration to unraveling disease complexity and spatial transcriptomic approaches to uncover mechanisms and discover biomarkers as potential therapeutic targets respectively.

Also, ImaBiotech announced its partnership with the Institut Pasteur de Lille and Apteeus for the development of Covid-19 Therapy. In June 2021, as a part of our quarterly webinars, Dr. Corinne Ramos, along with Nanostring, discussed the use of the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) in spatialomics (whole transcriptome cell analysis) and drug biodistribution for better drug efficacy evaluation.

In this edition, we have also shared the news on how ImaBiotech supports AMGEN in the FDA approved KRAS inhibitor in lung cancer with the publication on the renal toxicity and Sotorasib metabolites. You will also discover ImaBiotech’s services for high multiplex imaging and single cell analysis using the Hyperion: Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) and RNAscope Assay platforms. You will be able to access all the white papers, publication and application note on our website’s dedicated Resources section.

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