Newsletter April 2021

We propose a condensate of ImaBiotech’s news and released information on a quarterly manner. We are proud to be an active Contract Research Organization that develops technologies and push the boundaries to create more effective platforms to support safer and better therapies.

In this edition, we share exciting news about the new patents granted for Imabiotech’s digital pathology and image analysis for Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Imaging Mass Cytometry as well as the announcement of a retrospective study on the evaluation of the metabolic patterns according to tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs). As a part of our quarterly webinars, in February 2021, Dr. Erika Pfaunmiller discussed the use of innovative services at ImaBiotech to evaluate the drug PK/PD at the tissue level and quantify the biological target exposure at the site of action.

In this edition, you will also discover the launch of the GeoMx Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA), in collaboration with Nanostring as part of ImaBiotech’s new offering with 18,000 genes capabilities and finally an interview with the Founder and CEO of Imabiotech, Dr. Jonathan Stauber on the trend of spatial biology and current projects at ImaBiotech.

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