Multimaging Accelerates Integration and Treatment of Quantitative MSI Data

Pamelard F; Hamm G; Bonnel D; Legouffe R; Stauber J.

1 ImaBiotech, MS Imaging Department, Lille, France;

The growing interest for Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging (qMSI) and for Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) in general involves the development of new tools that are able to interpret generated data. Complexity and size of these data require suitable software to achieve an adequate interpretation of results. Furthermore, quantitative experiments by MSI require a specific normalization of the molecular image according to tissue suppression effect, a calibration curve adapted to imaging issue and finally the capacity to calculate an amount of target molecule directly from MSI data. From our previously described in-house methodology of quantitative MSI and an application example, the functionality of ImaStation will be shown and discussed.

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