Multimaging™ For Qualitiative and Quantitative Imaging Analysis

Developed by ImaBiotech, Multimaging™ is a software that allows a Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of Mass Spectrometry and Microscopy Images including a dedicated Quality controls monitoring module. Multimaging™ integrates innovations to overlay imaging results from IHC, staining, immuno-staining and Mass Spectrometry Imaging. The software allows to identify, annotate and quantify biomarkers or drugs with 11 different dedicated modules.

After 10 years of intensive work on research and development and more than 400 projects in drug imaging and biomarker research, ImaBiotech, exclusive owner of the software, is now able to offer you the possibility to use Multimaging directly for all the projects.



MorphoMass Technology

Multimaging software integrates a new technology called MorphoMass Technology. It quantifies the morphology of each m/z value by measuring surface dispersion and homogeneity. It Captures all the information from the image with intensities and detect more variations of biomarker in the tissues.

Quality Monitoring for analysis with confidence

The software includes a module in order to measure the Quality of the data, the reproducbility of your imaging platform. Our patented technology analyse some key parameters in your data in order to allow confident large studies with large cohort of samples

Large Cohort Analysis with no Data reduction

In few seconds, Multimaging™ is able to simultaneously analyze, visualize, quantify 300+ datasets with the same intensity scale, making Multimaging suitable for large preclinical and clinical investigations, and always without data reduction or no compression. It allows to keep the maximum information and save 20% more sensitivity.
Statistical analysis

Statistical Modules for Biomarker research

Access to a very large number of statistical algorithm for Pre and Post-processing of your data. Multimaging includes a large number of protocols to analyse Mass Spec Image which includes PCA, PLSA, t-Tests, ANOVA tests, Image Segmentation, t-SNE (and others), Machine Learning modules and digital pathology programs to find biomarkers with accuracy and precision.

Quantification for Real Interpretation

Multimaging™ have been developed to quantify with high accuracy your drugs or biomarkers. The Software includes different algorithms for LOD determination, linear regrassion modes and allows you to submit your data to regulatory agencies with confidence, as Imabiotech does every day.

Measure the amount of drugs into specific cells

With the integration of HD microscopy images and Mass Spectrometry, you can quantify your drugs into specific types of cells to assess the on/off target.

Image Synchronization and Cloud

An easy way to interpret your data with the same references and same intensity scales to compare your images. you can  also share Data, knowledge and expertise with clients is now possible thanks to the Cloud Multimaging module. For our sponsors and partners, we offer the possibility to take the MSI control from multisite visualization and quantitation of biomarkers and drugs.The HDView module is also compatible making relevant (leveraged) interactions between pathologists.


Analyze with High Definition Images

A limitless visualization of MSI and Immuno-stained Images. Multimaging is the unique software to overlay Mass Spec Image with High Definition images (up to X100) without image compression and in all your data sets at the same time. It allows to identify histological structure and validate drug and biomarker localization with a very high accuracy.



Raphaël Legouffe, Study Director at ImaBiotech:
« Multimaging is so powerful that it allows us to visualize and analyze dozen of datasets at the same time. On daily basis, for me and my team, it enables us to save several hours. A great solution to accelerate the realization of your projects. Multimaging is also the only solution to increase the sensitivity without loosing or reducing any data. »
Imaging Mass spectrometry

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