What is Multimaging™?

Multimaging™ is a platform using multimodal imaging technique and software and developed by ImaBiotech. Multimaging™ integrates innovations to overlay imaging results from IHC, staining, immuno-staining and Mass Spectrometry Imaging. We follow biomarkers and drugs to deliver high-end results for a better understanding.

Immuno-stained image

A limitless visualization of MSI and Immuno-stained Images. Multimaging overlays Mass Spec Image with High definition scanner (up to X40) without image compression allows to identify histological structure and validate drug and biomarker localization.

Volumetric Analysis
In few seconds, Multimaging™ is able to simultaneously analyze/visualize/quantify 300+ datasets with the same intensity scale, making Multimaging suitable for large preclinical and clinical investigations.
Imaging Mass spectrometry
Cloud Mass spectrometry imaging
Cloud Imaging
Sharing knowledge and expertise with clients is now possible thanks to the Cloud Multimaging module. For our sponsors and partners, we offer the possibility to take the MSI control from multisite visualization and quantitation of biomarkers and drugs.The HDView module is also compatible making relevant (leveraged) interactions between pathologists.
Full Spectra
When actual MSI software reduces the datasets, Multimaging is able to analyze uncompressed mass spectra information. This allows to keep the best mass resolution, meaning no loose of data and better interpretation.
spectra MSI