Mass Spectrometry Imaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Webinar on Mass Spectrometry Imaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Focused on our US platform) Jordan Lerach, PhD, Staff Scientist
September 11 | 10 am East Coast Time/ 4 pm Paris Time | Online

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Drug development and targeted delivery is a challenging undertaking. The path from intake to delivery and ultimately elimination from the body of a specific active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and what accompanying biochemical changes occur during that time-period are crucial to understand in order to develop better therapeutic agents. Fortunately, imaging mass spectrometry is a unique tool that helps to answer these questions with relative simplicity. Here at ImaBiotech, we provide a unique and robust mass spectrometry imaging service to monitor the location and quantify molecular distributions in tissue samples at every stage.

While many technologies exist to determine either the quantity or the localization of an API or its metabolites, no technique provides both of these measurements as simply and as elegantly as imaging mass spectrometry. Combining MALDI mass spectrometry imaging with an FT-ICR analyzer afford researchers the ability to create quantitative maps with incredible sensitivity and unrivaled specificity for the direct analysis of APIs and metabolites within tissue samples since it is inherently a label-free technique. These unique benefits of MALDI FT-ICR available through ImaBiotech provides reliable results to help answer challenging biological questions.

During this webinar, we propose to illustrate the potential of MALDI-FT-ICR MSI to:
– Detect molecules (drugs, metabolites, lipids, endogenous metabolites, peptides and proteins) or elements (Zinc, Copper, Gold, Calcium, Iron, Gadolinium, etc.)
– Localize and visualize molecules
– Quantify detected molecules with accuracy and precision

About Jordan Lerach
Dr. Jordan Lerach is a Chemist whose expertise lies in analytical instrumentation – particularly mass spectrometry. Prior to joining ImaBiotech, Jordan worked at Penn State’s Materials Characterization Laboratory as a Research Associate where he utilized imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry to study a wide variety of materials (…)
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