Mass Spectrometry Imaging in Pharma – VIP Day

March 12, 2018 in Lille, France

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About Dr. Kim Troensegaard Nielsen:
Kim Troensegaard Nielsen received his master’s degree in physics and chemistry within NMR spectroscopy from Professor Poul Erik Hansen’s laboratories at the Roskilde University, Denmark in 2002. In 2006 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in chemistry within synthesis and characterisation of conducting organic polymers from Professor Fredrik C. Krebs’ laboratories at the Technical University of Denmark. He then continued in Professor Krebs’ group as postdoc. In 2007 he got a permanent position as Research Scientist in the department of Spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry at LEO Pharma A/S. Today he holds a position as Principal Scientist, working primarily with solid state characterisation of drug molecules/products and different imaging techniques such as Computed Tomography, Raman/IR imaging and different types of MSI.

About Dr. Gregory Hamm: Gregory Hamm (PhD) is senior research scientist at AstraZeneca (AZ) in Drug Safety and Metabolism department from the innovative medicines unit. He holds a PhD in physics and chemistry from the University of Metz in 2010. He is specialized in bioanalysis with high resolution mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry imaging. As R&D manager in the MS imaging department of ImaBiotech from 2010 to 2016, he developed a new methodology for quantification by MSI (patented and published in international papers) and coordinated national or international research program for the company. Since 2016 in the AZ MSI team, he is in charge of leading internal drug related studies to provide answers to key biological or pharmaceutical project issues using MSI and have a relevant impact on decision making. He developed his expertise in biology and pathology related to specific tissues as lung, liver, brain and tumor. Finally, through his implication as chairman of the MSI study group for the European Society of Molecular Imaging, he’s promoting the multimodality with MSI.

About Dr. Corinna Henkel:
Corinna Henkel (Phd) finished her master thesis in microbiology in 2002 at the Philipps-University Marburg (Prof Uwe Völker) and got first in touch with MALDI Tof mass spectrometry. Because of her interest in medical research she spent one year abroad at the Michigan University, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. She worked on head and neck cancer (Prof. Thomas E. Carey) and the auditory system (Prof. Jochen Schacht). Afterwards she did her PhD in the Medical Hospital, RWTH Aachen, Germany where she set up a proteomics lab and worked on liver fibrosis progression in mice models. After her PhD in 2006 she started her Postdoc in the Medizinisches Proteom-Center (MPC) headed by Prof. Helmut E. Meyer, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany working on liver fibrosis in humans. In 2008 Dr. Henkel got her first group leader position in the Pathology department of the Medical Hospital, RWTH Aachen and started to work on MALDI imaging of proteins mainly in the field of urooncologic diseases. In 2011 she continued her work as group leader at the MPC on MALDI imaging and bladder cancer. In 2014 she moved closer to the industry by joining the Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften – ISAS, Dortmund, Germany, in 2014. Since May 2016 Dr. Henkel is working as Application Specialist MALDI imaging at Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen, Germany.

About Dr. Jan H. Kobarg:
Jan H. Kobarg (PhD) is product manager at SCiLS, which since January 2017 is part of Bruker Daltonik GmbH in Bremen, Germany. In 2014 he finished his PhD in the bioinformatics group at the Center for Industrial Mathematics (University of Bremen), on the topic of “Signal and image processing methods for imaging mass spectrometry data”. Already during his PhD he was involved in multiple joint imaging mass spectrometry related projects between the Center of Industrial Mathematics, SCiLS, and Bruker Daltonik. In the last year of his thesis, he joined SCiLS as application specialist for MALDI imaging software and in 2015 took over full responsibility as product manager. As product manager it is his responsibility interact with all types of customer concerns including sales and support, to keep up with technological advances, and plan the product requirements and software releases accordingly.

About Dr. Jonathan Stauber:
Born entrepreneur he has created ImaBiotech in 2009 to provide a new tool to better assess drug efficacy.
As such, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of imaging markets for preclinical and clinical applications but also in human capital management. Dr. Stauber received a Ph.D. in Proteomics and molecular biology from the University of California (San Diego, USA) and the University of Technology of Lille (France), and a Post-Doc to integrate multimodal imaging platform with MSI and MRI techniques in AMOLF (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).
He worked and published more than 30 papers and book chapters on the development and applications of Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI).

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Edma Fontaine
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Bayer Building
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