Mass Spectrometry Imaging Has Never Been So Close to You



In this application note, we are going to describe our new cloud platform: Multimaging TM. This platform enables rapid analysis and sharing of mass spectrometry imaging data.

This technology is based on:

  •  A cloud software to store, share and analyse large data sets (>1 Terabyte)
  • The use of the histology, pathology and immunoassay data in order to deepen and validate the first analyses made by Mass Spectrometry Imaging
  • An innovative use of quality controls ensuring effective standardization of data extracted from multiple MSI acquisitions
  • The integration of statistical tools allowing the detailed analysis of images in order to discover new biomarkers


Multimaging allows the simultaneous management and analysis of several mass spectrometry imaging datasets in a short period of time.

This platform allows the management of quality controls to take into account the inter and intra variability between samples.

Based on the combination of the molecular distribution and high resolution histological staining, potential biomarkers and their specific tissue distribution can be confirmed.


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