PR: Iteos and ImaBiotech Awarded Grant for Tumor Microenvironment Characterization and Applications in Immuno-oncology

Gosselies, Belgium | Loos, France – April 6, 2015 — Iteos Therapeutics SA and ImaBiotech SAS announced that they will receive 800,000 euro from Walloon, Belgium and BPI, France, to fund joint research programs over the next two years to characterize tumor tissue microenviroment through the combination of the unique capabilities of the two companies.

ITeos will pursue its focus on immunomodulation-based cancer immunotherapy strategies by contributing immune-oncology animal models and tissue libraries for metabolite profiling through Multimaging™(combined Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Immuno-histology) technology of ImaBiotech. The companies will share the results by having iTeos receive all rights to the therapeutic applications of the research while ImaBiotech receives the rights to all diagnostic applications and pharmacology studies.

“Thanks to the combination of iTeos’ and ImaBiotech’s technologies through this grant support, we are able to develop together an innovative strategy to identify new immuno-oncology targets for immunomodulator development, and diagnostic applications which can generate opportunities for both companies,” said Michel Detheux Ph.D., chief executive officer of iTeos.

“Mass Spectrometry Imaging is a powerful tool in the preclinical imaging landscape for biomarker identification and localization. The ability to work with iTeos to direct and interpret the MSI results for a major therapeutic application like immune-oncology is an unique opportunity“ commented Dr. Jonathan Stauber, CEO / CSO of ImaBiotech.

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