Investigation of IDH-mutant Gliomas Metabolism by Mass Spectrometry Imaging

ImaBiotech investigated the metabolism of IDH-mutant gliomas by MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-MSI) to characterize the model and identify potential therapeutic targets.This work was performed on collected PDX (Patient-derived xenografts) with IDH wild type (IDHwt) and mutant (IDHm) tumors implemented in mouse cranium and grown until first appearance of neurologic signals before collection of the brains and sectioning. The investigation on types and subtypes of tumors was driven by a targeted approach for following key molecular features in oncology but also a differential approach via statistical analysis to reveal unique features for each tumor and their impact on different biological pathways including the energetic balance, the oxidation stress pathway but also the lipid composition and the neurotransmitter alterations.
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