Interreg des 2 Mers – Innovative Multicomponent Drug design

The IMODE project is motivated by an unmet need for developing solutions to address societal challenges for improved healthcare, novel and effective medicines for various cardiovascular or digestive diseases wich have inadequate or lack of treatment while maintaining low medical costs. The challenging project goal is to integrate transdisciplinary applied research by involving academic research groups and enterprises to build upon and strenghten the creativity and innovation in order to create a strategic advantage for innovative pharmaceutical and medical applications. 3.5ME has been allowed to the consortium for 4 years.

ImaBiotech will conduct pharmacokinetics analysis and drug distribution on the stents developed and surrounding tissues using Mass spectrometry Imaging. Analysis will provide information on stent molecular composition and the degree of drug release from the stent at different time points. A list of endogenous molecules as companion biomarkers (lipids, metabolites) that change in term of intensity and concentration around the stent will be also obtained.

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