Drug Penetration and Accumulation of Drugs and Biomarker Response

Information on drug distribution and penetration in the brain is important to assess the potential activity and efficacy of drugs. We offer services of bioanalysis and spatial bioanalysis including quantitative distribution of drugs and biomarker into the brain structures using label free technique of Mass Spectrometry Imaging (Learn more), Gene Expression platform (learn more) and innovative multiplex Immuno-staining (Learn more) to assess accurate drug activities. in GLP environment, We also propose whole body imaging to measure outside the brain, some other drug accumulation and activities. Discover the fast imaging process and exclusive panel of biomarker (create your own panel) to measure quickly the potential of your drugs at a single cell level through examples and publications.

What can be achieved?

Distribution & Quantification of a drug candidate and its metabolites

Measure Gene, protein or lipids levels in a Multi-omics platform

Measure the concentration of neurotransmitters and other small biomarkers

Measure Toxicity Activities to neurons

Drug quantification combined with protein imaging (Beta Amyloid 1-42, 1-38…)

What are our advantages?

Fast Quantify drug and metabolites in different region of the brain

Robust High Multiplex Immuno-staining

Gene Expression measure and multi-omics technologies

Single cell Imaging and quantification

GLP Environment

Where can we work?

With a GLP environment and team of experts in CNS, we can select section plans and specific orientation into the brain to measure dug and biomarkers in:

  • Hippocampus
  • Cerebellum
  • Cortices
  • Corpus callosum
  • Blood-brain barrier


Application NotesKeeping an Eye on Molecular Imaging
Application NotesDistribution of GABA with Mass Spectrometry Imaging
PublicationsMapping molecules in CNS



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