ImaBiotech Introduces Novel Panel to Its Imaging Mass Cytometry Services to Advance Biomarker Discovery and Therapeutic Development

ImaBiotech unveils its “Immune Signature Panel” as part of its Imaging Mass Cytometry Services. The new panel will be presented in exclusivity at the #AACR22 meeting in New Orleans where ImaBiotech is holding the booth #825 in the exhibit hall.

ImaBiotech pioneered Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) applications for Biopharma launching its service in 2020. As a leading-edge technology, IMC enables highly multiplexed immunohistochemistry (mIHC) with simultaneous detection of up to 40 protein markers in the same tissue section with subcellular, single cell resolution.

“We are really pleased to pursue cutting-edge technology that can positively affect patient lives and our Imaging Mass Cytometry capability is a reflection of our dedication to service excellence”, said Jonathan Stauber, CEO and Founder of ImaBiotech. “ImaBiotech unique experience and outstanding capabilities help ensure the successful execution of clinical patient sample analysis”, he added.

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