« We believe that the strength of our culture and values have made our firm unique and continue listening and remaining attentive to our customer. »

Our Mission:

Save our sponsors time, anticipate trouble or side effects and gain money:

  • With our innovative technologies
  • With our process of quality
  • With our personalized approach for each customer

Our Vision:

Be recognized as a leading company due to our ability to understand easily the pharmaceutical industry needs, use new technologies to help the pharmaceutical industry to improve and accelerate the drug discovery and development.

Our Values:

  • Scientific rigor: The culture of evidence, the attention to detail and the need for safety are the foundations of our quality culture.
  • Innovation: Our solution is a delicious mix between science and the market’s need. Our competitive edge is our adaptation to use innovative technologies and our scientific skills to meet our sponsor’s expectations
  • Performance’s recognition: A management mode centered on the evaluation of individual and collective results.
  • Listening of the needs: Our company’s aims to ensure the ongoing improvement of our services to always satisfy our market.

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