PR: ImaBiotech signs license agreement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lille, France and Berkeley, California, USA

ImaBiotech, a CRO company developing and offering mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) services, applications, and software,announces today a license agreement with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) to “OpenMSI” intellectual property to support ImaBiotech Multimaging TM technology.

ImaBiotech’s Multimaging™ technology accelerates drug pharmacokinetic, pharmacology, toxicology and formulation evaluation. Multimaging™ allows for the combination and overlay of different image files acquired from different imaging techniques (quantitative MALDI imaging, staining, and immunestaining) to provide confidence in the data sets. This platform has the advantage to quantitatively study the distribution of analytes at a cellular level. . It can be used from drug discovery through clinical development, resulting in a better and faster drug selection.

Berkeley Lab’s OpenMSI software leverages Big Data resources to provide the most advanced web-based tool for analyzing, visualizing, managing and sharing MSI data in real time to enable advanced biotechnology solutions such as improved disease diagnostics or more effective therapeutics. This innovative approach provides a global structure for all types of MSI images and data files to be instantaneously and securely shared over a cloud-based system, wuth access anywhere around the world.

“Our license agreement with Berkeley Lab strengthens ImaBiotech’s leadership in quantitative MSI analysis,” said Jonathan Stauber, Chief Executive Officer of ImaBiotech. “Thanks to this license agreement, ImaBiotech will continue to improve and develop new services to support our customers’ needs. We are very proud to sign a license agreement with one of the most prestigious research laboratories in the world. ”

“Lab-industry partnerships, such as ImaBiotech’s licensing of Berkeley Lab’s OpenMSI intellectual property, are vital to transitioning new innovations into the marketplace.” said Elsie Quaite-Randall, Berkeley Lab’s Chief Technology Transfer Officer. ImaBiotech’s foundation in MSI research and its multi-million dollar investment in bioanalysis equipment indicate that OpenMSI intellectual property can be quickly and naturally integrated into the company’s evaluation services and platform.

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