Formulation screening phase

Formulation and excipient are crucial development step to deliver an efficient drug with the lowest adverse effect in Human; in particular in specific therapeutic areas such as oncology to help the penetration of the tumor cells, in brain to help to cross the Blood Brain barrier (BBB) or Dermatology. 

In the formulation screening phase, different drug delivery concepts are selected and compared to one another in terms of biodistribution and delivery. ImaBiotech can work directly on your selected solution (in collaboration with some CDMO partners) to compare the efficacy of penetration and distribution of your APIs. We have developed a unique approach by combining molecular imaging, histology and data science to generate some penetration profiles and/or biodistribution mapping in the tissue micro-environment.

We support the selection of the best formulation based on selective criteria (Kinetics, penetration, localization and exposure parameters) in combination to our services of drug exposure and pharmacology.

Selection of Formulation based on penetration profiles

Selection of Formulation based on penetration profiles. From Publication Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

Skin Permeability test 

As an example, ImaBiotech solution confirms the depth of penetration of an APIs in the skin following a topical application and compare it to some others formulations. By preserving the histological integrity of the biological tissue, it is today possible to carefully study and compare the impact of the formulation in each histological region and without any false positive (i.e. punch contamination on the skin).

Drug Penetration and Dispersion

In oncology, we measure the level of penetration of the drug inside the tumor. With high resolution instrument, we measure the distance between blood vessel and the drug dispersion in the tissue.


Media Title
PublicationPharmacokinetics and Skin Tolerability of Intracutaneous Zolmitriptan Delivery in Swine Using Adhesive Dermally Applied Microarray
PublicationMALDI imaging facilitates new topical drug development process by determining quantitative skin distribution profiles.
Application NoteMultimaging™ Applied to Skin Distribution Study: Applications in Dermatology for Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics from Discovery to Clinical

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