Escape Misinterpretation of Drug Penetration in Skin

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Thursday, 28th of May
11.00am CDT
12.00pm EDT
6.00pm CEST
8.00am PST

By David Bonnel, PhD

Measuring drug penetration and drug exposure is of key importance in dermatology since it is the first path of drug assessment, especially for topical application. The actual gold standard method is the LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry), an accurate method for molecular quantification of drugs and biomarker. This technique has been used for the quantification of drug penetration at different skin layers. More recently, another technology called Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging (QMSI) has been used to visualize and quantify the level of drug penetration as well as accumulation in specific structure of the skin tissue. 

After analyzing more than 100 biopsies originating from animal or human skin analyses, we obtained more than 60% of samples with side contamination that is issued from the punch biopsy sample preparation. This is compromising the evaluation of drug penetration using standard methods such as LC-MS/MS to quantify the amount of drug. Indeed, it led to false positive signal in the dermis region with an average overestimation of 50-70% of drug penetration in the dermis. 

This webinar will present the use of QMSI combined with the histology in order to confirm the drug penetration and drug exposure from preclinical to clinical projects in dermatology.

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