Elemental Imaging

Imaging Mass Spectrometry has been developed for decades and allows to detect elements and molecules without labeling. ImaBiotech developed robust and quantitative methods through many patents and protocols making ImaBiotech the worldwide leader in this field. QMSI changes the rules of the game of the pharmaceutical industry in all the therapeutic areas. The QMSI is translational and help to investigate where the drug and biomarkers are localized and support PK/PD relationship in preclinical and clinical stages.

Elements are components of cells (metallo-proteins, zinc, protein,) and involved in a large number of diseases. In the meantime, the elements are components of the class of drugs (cisplatin and derivative to fight cancer) or contrast agents in MRI.

We developed a platform using LA-ICP Imaging (Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma) to localize and quantify elements in tissue at a 1µm spatial resolution to investigate disease states or drug exposure to specific cell types

LA-ICP-MS Imaging
LA-ICP-MS imaging is another Mass Spectrometry Imaging technique. Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma instrument allows to detect elements from a tissue section. Combined to MALDI imaging, LA-ICP MS imaging is a great tool to study the distribution and quantification of elements that are responsible for cell activities, growth, homeostasis such as Iron, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, etc…This technique has been developed into the ImaBiotech’s platform and Multimaging software that allows the overlay of staining images made by LA-ICP MS imaging and MALDI imaging. ImaBiotech offers the same robustness and accuracy for ICP MS than for MALDI imaging using controls to guarantee data interpretations.
Imaging Mass spectrometry

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