MALDI-TOF MS imaging of controlled release implants

David Bonnel1; Frauke Kreye2, 3; Gregory Hamm1; Youness Karrout2, 3; Raphael Legouffe1; Florence Siepmann2, 3; Juergen Siepmann2, 3; Jonathan Stauber1

1 ImaBiotech, MS Imaging Department, Lille, France;
2 INSERM U 1008, Lille, France;
3 University of Lille, College of Pharmacy, Lille, France

Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 161, Issue 1, 10 July 2012, Pages 98-108

For a few years, drug delivery systems have been of wide interest to medical researchers and clinicians. These devices allow achieving targeted delivery and therefore more efficient treatment over a longer period of time. However, little is known about the underlying mechanisms of drug release, the inner structure of the systems, and the changes in exposure to the release medium. This MALDI-MSI study demonstrates the utility of MSI in a new field of pharmaceutical research by providing new insight into the spatial and temporal distributions of the compounds of advanced drug delivery systems.

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