Press Release: New granted patents to score drug exposure on cells and tissues.

ImaBiotech is pleased to announce the grant of two patents in the USA US9645138 and Europe EP2959294 for a new technology that allows to score drug exposure to cells and tissues.

The imaging technology provides very accurate and quantitative information on drugs that either reach expected or unexpected targets at cellular levels. This technique can be used in
drug discovery or development stages as well as in clinical trials. This new technology is used with a computational power in a computer vision and image analysis to provide a high
throughput screen. It allows a selection of the best drugs based on their capacity to reach biological targets in animal or human tissues. For example, it enables to identify if the drug crosses the Blood Brain Barrier or reach specific T-cells in the tumor micro-environment.

According to Jonathan Stauber, CEO ImaBiotech, the technology has various applications. “We are very excited about this new technology, because for the first time, in one single experiment, we can quantify, if a drug binds to its target or to other targets throughout many therapeutic applications, such as CNS, Oncology, cardiovascular diseases.”

The first applications of this technology will be presented at ASMS 2018 occurring in San Diego
from June 3-7.

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