Drug Delivery

For 10 years, ImaBiotech developed a great expertise in measuring drug delivery systems by using a combination of innovative Bioanalysis and imaging techniques. We measure the kinetic of release, the distribution in tissues and analyze develop the optimum condition for the best PK/PD results.

ImaBiotech uses a set of innovative technique such as label free imaging mass spectrometry to follow the delivery in tissues or in the region of interests. We use different technique and innovative imaging software (Multimaging) to overlay the molecular distribution and the histology images of the tissue sections.

Drug penetration

This approach is routinely used to evaluate or compare the molecular distribution depending on the routes of administration and/or dosage forms and/or medical devices.

Contact us to learn more about our abilities to evaluate:

    • Release of drug from coated stent, Balloon angioplasty
    • Release agent from implant
    • Evaluate effect of Nanoparticle to mRNA or cytotoxic agents
Nanoparticle imaging


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