Webinar: What are the new Services and Technologies for more efficient drug selection?

Webinar: What are the new Services and Technologies for more efficient drug selection? Jonathan Stauber, PhD.
23rd of July | 2 pm East Coast Time/ 8 pm Paris Time | Online



Experience has shown us that a full overview of drug mechanism of action in the right animal models has been the key to success in preclinical stages and can prevent failure in clinical trials.

At ImaBiotech we developed innovative technologies to deliver key information to understand the potential of your drugs. We work on different projects in which innovative technologies and strategies (Molecular Imaging, Multi-Omics, Data science, Morphometry…) have been applied to drug discovery and development programs in tumors, brain or lungs.

We are  able show that characterization and selection of animal models can be performed on proteins and metabolites within cell types, how drug exposure to target (target drug exposure) brings key parameters to evaluate the risk of limited efficacy pertaining to the amount of drugs per target and finally, how in vivo PK/PD at the cellular level provides valuable information for your drugs in animal models or human biopsies.


About Jonathan Stauber, PhD

Born entrepreneur he has created ImaBiotech in 2009 to provide a new tool to better assess drug efficacy.

As such, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of imaging markets for preclinical and clinical applications but also in human capital management. Dr. Stauber received a Ph.D. in Proteomics and molecular biology from the University of California (San Diego, USA) and the University of Technology of Lille (France), and a Post-Doc to integrate multimodal imaging platform with MSI and MRI techniques in AMOLF (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

He worked and published more than 30 papers and book chapters on the development and applications of Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI).


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