Imaging Mass spectrometry - Cell activity

Measure Every Cell Activity

With Multiplex imaging capabilities and single cell resolution, we can map all molecules in every tissue section.
We identify the cellular content, classify cells with specific molecular signatures and understand the cellular organization and interactions.

Applications #1 – Identify cellular content

With Digital pathology and statistical tools, we recognize cells from images and retrieve the content of each cells made of lipids, proteins, mRNA and genes.
We can quantify the cellular content and decipher the complexity of diseases and drug response to find the best therapies.

Multiplex Imaging and Analysis of cell content - Imaging Mass spectrometry
Image segmentation and cell counting - Imaging Mass spectrometry

Application #2 – Cell counting and density

One parameter of disease is made of biomarker concentration as well as their expression into cells and tissue organization.
We quantify classes of cell and measure the organization of each sub-population.

Application #3 – Tissue Annotation

To support pathologist and speed up tissue analysis, we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to train the software to identify specific cells, measure the morphology of tissue and make annotation

Identification of inflammation - Imaging Mass spectrometry

Application #4 Compare disease and healthy samples

We use statistical tools to compare cell content and organization of cells in tissue to identify changes in the tissue functions,
activities and morphology with advanced tool and understand the role of specific biomarkers.

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