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Information on localization and penetration within the skin is important to understand the potential activity of drugs. We offer a label free technique of Mass Spectrometry Imaging to investigate the path of penetration, the concentration of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers. With QMSI, we also improve PK studies by eliminating tissue contamination during the punch biopsy preparation. With 60% of contamination in more than 100 samples, we demonstrated imaging to be a better tool to assess tissue penetration with our partner Leo pharma, pharma leader in Dermatology. Discover it in our new publication!

What can be achieved?

Evaluation of skin penetration

  • In vitro IVPT or in vivo drug penetration (Franz Cells, 3D models, fresh frozen tissue)
  • QMSI drug + metabolites
  • Histology
  • Overlay and Identification pathway of skin penetration

Overlay & Identification pathway of skin penetration

Identification of biomarkers

  • MSI of substructure of interest
  • Histology
  • Overlay and Identification pathway of skin penetration
  • Statistical analysis to identify biomarker involved in diseases or drug responses
  • Customize your own biomarker panel

Screening different formulations and compounds

  • Comparison of formulation effects onto the distribution by QMSI

How do we deliver local information in complex tissue?

ImaBiotech combines different imaging capabilities, including MALDI Imaging, Fluorescence microscopy, Laser capture micro-dissection and Mass Spectrometry to measure the distribution, the penetration and accumulation of actives compounds in different structures of the skin (sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair shafts or follicles, epidermis and different depths of the dermis)

  • Label free imaging at 10µm spectral resolution
  • Quantification of drug and metabolites down to the microenvironment of the tumor
  • Immuno-histology with the ability to overlay MSI, IHC and histological information within multimodal platform and dedicated software (Multimaging™, visit the dedicated page)
  • Efficacy and Safety Biomarkers monitoring
  • High Resolution Mass Spectrometers (R>200,000)


Application NotesMultimaging™ Applied to Skin
Application NotesMass Spectrometry Imaging: Has Never Been So Close to You
PostersEvaluation of contamination and quantification of drug penetrations
Press releasesImaBiotech’s Multimaging™ technology chosen by Dermira for its Skin Disposition Study
Press releasesGalderma and ImaBiotech develop a long-term alliance to access Multimaging™ services
PublicationsMALDI imaging facilitates new topical drug development process by determining quantitative skin distribution profiles
PublicationsPharmacokinetics and Skin Tolerability of Intracutaneous Zolmitriptan Delivery in Swine Using Adhesive Dermally Applied Microarray


We also provide more classical studies under GLP or Non-GLP environment

PK & PD studies

We propose PK and PD studies to support early to late stages drug discovery process (animals: rabbit, dog, swine or other species upon customer request).

  • Drug Disposition/Pharmacokinetics (ADME)
  • Pharmacodynamics
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Topical Absorption Studies (Franz Cells, 3D models, fresh frozen tissue)


We allow you to complete toxicological studies and propose several species such as dogs and rabbits and other non-rodent species.

  • Acute Toxicity
  • Subacute Toxicity (Repeated Dose)
  • Sub-chronic Exposure
  • Chronic Exposure


We propose pathological models and naturally diseased animals for research (mouse, pig, mini-pig and human biopsies…)

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