Early Whole Body PK: Anticipate Exposure and Toxicity at Lead Selection Stage



ImaBiotech offers an innovative early in-vivo ADME platform for identifying early pharmacokinetic profile in plasma and all organs simultaneously on rodent species. Purpose is to significantly accelerate optimiza-tion of lead molecules and selection of drug candidates. Indeed when lead candidates have been selected from a wide number of potentials hit-to-leads, it is crucial to evaluate the kinetic of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion in a whole animal (usually rodents)1. It is key to understand the overall distribution of compounds, to localize drug and metabolites in targeted tissue(s) or untargeted tissue(s). With our line of services, Early Whole Body PK, we can contribute to antici-pating efficacy or potential adverse effects by looking simultaneously at the tissue distribution of drugs and metabolites. ImaBiotech offers a unique combination of two bioanalytical techniques, QMSI and LC-MS/MS, to localize and quantify drugs in all organs and plasmawithout any labelling. Our IT team has developed Multimaging software to automatically calculate all PK parameters of interest directly from the generated raw dataset.



Early Whole Body PK is an easy way to obtain Bioavailability and Biodistribution information at an early stage to minimize attrition rate of drugs. Indeed it is thus possible to anticipate in situ efficacy or potential adverse effect by looking simultaneously at tissue distribution of Drugs and metabolites.



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