Big Data applied to the diagnosis of cancer by mass spectrometry

Conference on Big Data and oncology by Fabien Pamelard, IT Manager
March 12 | 3 pm Paris Time | Big Data, Paris, France

ImaBiotech always want to improve the use of mass spectrometry and make it easier. Today, ImaBiotech is the first Mass Spectrometry Imaging company to use Big Data daily. Imaging generates hundreds of images and high volumetric data. Thanks to our software, Multimaging, and the use of Big Data architecture we are capable to have access quickly and without loosing resolution to thousands of images in a couple of minutes. To answer our oncology’s customers last need we’ve developed, using computational parallelism and machine learning algorithms, processes to classify precisely, quickly and easily our datasets of tumors.


About Fabien Pamelard
Fabien Pamelard started by being a biologist, since the late 2000s  he’s a computer engineering. Today as our IT manager, he’s working on developing new software and improving the use of mass spectrometry imaging data in the pharmaceutical world. This technology generates hundreds of gigabytes of data per project. Fabien Pamelard’s software are key support for the analysis of high volumetric data in the fields of statistics, imaging and software engineering.
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