Assessment of Reproducibility in Multiplex Immunohistochemistry


Multiplex Immunohistochemistry (mIHC) is a powerful tool for the simultaneous detection of tissue-based biomarkers, revolutionizing traditional immunohistochemistry in the modern spatial biology discipline. mIHC facilitates assessments at the cellular level of different proteins, as well as their spatial arrangement on a single tissue section to determine their role in therapeutic outcome thus enabling precision medicine in translational research and clinical practice.
However, several technical requirements are important to performing high-quality staining and analysis and to obtaining high internal and external reproducibility of the results. For a mIHC assay to be considered validated, at a minimum, it must be demonstrated to be reproducible, precise and accurate from an analytical perspective. Here we present the results of a validation test to verify the precision of the imaging mass cytometry (IMC) workflow, therefore the reproducibility of the data

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